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   What is Jewish Kent?


Jewish Kent was established in 2004 as an informal grouping of the various Jewish communities in Kent, to promote the richness of Jewish life in the county and to promote friendship and co-operation between its different communities.

Since then we have organised a number of social, cultural and musical activities aimed at bringing together members of our various communities and the many friends of the local Jewish communities. This month we are organising a day out at the beach on the Kent coast. Click here for details.

In 2006 we launched the Jewish Kent Heritage Trail and in 2007 this was followed by a Thanet Synagogue Trail. Please visit our events page for further details.

This web site aims to provide an introduction to the diversity of Jewish life in the Garden of England, linking to the various Jewish communities and to a wealth of practical detail connected with a Jewish lifestyle outside the big cities.

Kent has some five active Jewish communities beyond the London suburbs, ranging from Orthodox and Independent to Progressive. These communities have resolved to work together on a range of social and cultural projects designed to enhance the breadth of Jewish life in the county. The joint hosting of the Jewish Kent web site is one of the first ventures undertaken in this spirit of close co-operation. Regular meetings take place between representatives of each community to plan events and keep up to date with what is happening in our neighbouring communities.

Where possible, the communities share resources in such activities as school visits, hospital support and liaising with the local media to promote the Jewish community throughout the county. We also support active Inter-Faith dialogue.

With its historic cities of Canterbury and Rochester combined with picturesque villages  countryside and seaside resorts, Kent is an extremely pleasant place to live. Its comprehensive road and rail network puts all parts of the county within easy reach of London and the Channel Tunnel.

This web site is meant particularly for Jewish people who are looking for the quality of life which an urban environment cannot always provide, but who place a high value on remaining close to a Jewish way of life. The information on this site gives a basis from which to assess living in Kent from the point of view of travel, housing, education, worship, leisure and lifestyle.

Further pages will be added at a later date.

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